What is twinning?

Twinning is a ‘cross-cultural reciprocal process where two groups of people work together to achieve joint goals’. Twinning challenges professionals to take the lead and become change-agents for their communities through a dynamic process, which includes the development of personal relationships. Twinning is unique in that it incorporates reciprocity as a core value. .

During a Twinning project, professionals from two organisations collaborate. It’s usually an international collaboration, but it can also be done within a country. Participants share knowledge and skills and debate challenges within their profession. Because of the different backgrounds, they each bring a unique perspective to the table. These different perspectives stimulate us to think ‘out of the box’ and so come with creative solutions.

Building relationships and understanding the context and environment of their ‘twin’ takes time. For this reason most Twinning projects last an average of 3-4 years

Twinning is beneficial on a personal and professional level. Twins experience personal growth in various ways. They learn to communicate across cultures, be patient, flexible and improve problem solving skills. T Twins experience professional growth as they exchange information with colleagues that have different solutions to similar challenges..

On a larger scale, twinning helps build an international network of professional organisations. A global community, through which information can be widely shared and professionals can support each other to strengthen their profession.

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‘To bond much more so that a foundation for a lifelong friendship can be built in which we can mean a lot to each other’

– Dutch twin-Sierra Leone project



Twintowin is a social enterprise that provides made to measure support to organisations and individuals that want to start a Twinning project. Please fill in our contact form if you’d like to discuss the benefits of Twinning for your organisation and/ or the support that we can provide.

Franka Cadée

Through the years I have developed myself as an expert on twinning, and an advisor in international maternal health issues with over 30 years of strategy and policy development, advocacy, leadership, project management and governance experience. With my anthropological and midwifery background, and having lived and worked across a range of differently resourced countries, I am well aware of the realities of midwifery practice in various cultural contexts. As a Ph.D. candidate I am researching the scope of twinning collaborations between healthcare professionals.

I am a strong proponent of humanised healthcare and encourage a human rights based approach. My strongest quality is to be well informed, think strategically and involve, motivate and enthuse others with a mixture of lateral thinking, hard work and realism.

Currently I am the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) President.

Edythe L. Mangindin

Born and raised in San Francisco, California in the United States to Filipino parents, I currently live in Iceland and work as a registered nurse and registered midwife. Because of my background, culture and cultural differences have always fascinated me. I have held lectures for health care professionals on cultural sensitivity and for foreign women about the health care system and patients’ rights. Also, I am on the board of Women of Multicultural Ethnicity Network in Iceland. Presently, I am working on a Masters degree in midwifery with an emphasis on researching the conditions of migrant women receiving maternity care in Iceland.

In 2017, I first became involved in Twinning as a project coordinator in the Twinning Up North project between Iceland and the Netherlands. I am very passionate about learning about other cultures and collaborating with midwives on an international level.

Liselotte Kweekel

As an independent midwife, I have worked in several midwifery practices in the Netherlands since 2009. I combine my midwifery experience and anthropological (MSc) knowledge in my work as international policy advisor at the Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives (KNOV). I have ample experience of working cross-culturally, this is where my heart lies. I have not only seen and developed, but personally experienced how to build strong professional communities through twinning.

I was introduced to Twinning as a student midwife when I participated as ‘twin’ in a project between the Dutch and Sierra Leonean midwifery organisations. I was inspired by the skills we learned from our Sierra Leonean colleague midwives and by the power of sharing experiences cross-culturally. We found creative solutions to strengthen midwifery in both countries. Since then I have led twinning projects between Dutch, Icelandic and Moroccan midwives and have advised others involved in twinning globally.

Let’s twin!


Do you want to start a Twinning project? We give in-house inspiration sessions about Twinning, including a workshop on the first steps in starting a Twinning project. We will support you to define your own organisational goals, set up a project team, find a twin partner organization and secure funding. We offer additional electronic support with conference calls to guide the progress of the project.


Are you familiar with Twinning and do you want to increase your knowledge about the method? We provide an in-house train the trainer programme for the entire project team including a series of four workshops about project coordination, cross-cultural collaboration, overcoming challenges, and support for individual twins and team building.


We can provide full project support ranging from a ‘start-up’ session with potential partners, one-off assistance for trouble shooting, to the management of a complete twinning project.

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