What is twinning?

Twinning is a ‘cross-cultural reciprocal process where two groups of people work together to achieve joint goals’. Twinning challenges professionals to take the lead and become change-agents for their communities through a dynamic process, which includes the development of personal relationships. Twinning is unique in that it incorporates reciprocity as a core value. .

During a Twinning project, professionals from two organisations collaborate. It’s usually an international collaboration, but it can also be done within a country. Participants share knowledge and skills and debate challenges within their profession. Because of the different backgrounds, they each bring a unique perspective to the table. These different perspectives stimulate us to think ‘out of the box’ and so come with creative solutions.

Building relationships and understanding  the context and environment of their ‘twin’ takes time. For this reason most Twinning projects last an average of 3-4 years

Twinning is beneficial on a personal and professional level. Twins experience personal growth in various ways. They learn to communicate across cultures, be patient, flexible and improve problem solving skills. T Twins experience professional growth as they exchange information with colleagues that have different solutions to similar challenges..

On a larger scale, twinning helps build an international network of professional organisations. A global community, through which information can be widely shared and professionals can support each other to strengthen their profession.

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Twin to win

Twin to win is a social enterprise that provides made to measure support to organisations and individuals that want to start a Twinning project

 ‘To bond much more so that a foundation for a lifelong friendship can be built in which we can mean a lot to each other’

– Dutch twin-Sierra Leone project

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