Workshops  to fit your context

Are you exploring the idea of starting a twinning project or are you already involved in a twinning project? I offer a wide variety of workshops  to fit your context. Below just a small selection of the workshops on offer.

  • General workshops:
    • An introduction about twinning for your organisation.IMG_2471
    • What is twinning: the state of the art.
    • What is reciprocity? The gift theory put in practise.
    • Fundraising for twinning.
  • Workshops for participants:
    • Twinning and expectation management.
    • Intercultural communication.
    • Intercultural communication.
    • How do I give & accept feedback.
    • Project management.
    • Giving ad taking responsibility.
  • Team building workshoIMG_0488ps:
    • Exploring roles and responsibilities.
    • How to create a winning team to lead a twinning project.
    • How do I give & accept feedback.
    • Giving ad taking responsibility
    • Setting joint goals for twinning.
    • project management.

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